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Does WEE CLEANER remove the stain as well as the odor?
WEE CLEANER is primarily formulated for odor removal, but it will often work on the actual urine stain. We recommend treating the odor first and then, if necessary, using a separate product for stain removal.
On what types of urine does WEE CLEANER work?
WEE CLEANER works on cat, dog, human, mouse, rat, hamster, gerbil, and most other types of animal urine.
Will WEE CLEANER prevent my pet from returning to the same spot to urinate?
WEE CLEANER may help prevent your pet from returning to the same area, but WEE CLEANER is only guaranteed to remove the odor to the human nose. Some customers have reported that WEE CLEANER does help with marking behavior; some have reported that it does not. WEE CLEANER is not formulated to be a repellent or deterrent.
Does WEE CLEANER always work?
We believe in our product and are proud to claim a 99% success rate. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with WEE CLEANER, we will be glad to honor our 100% money back guarantee (less shipping).
Does WEE CLEANER work on cat spray?
Yes, WEE CLEANER works on cat spray. Even with tough male cat spray, WEE CLEANER is effective in removing spray odor.
Can I buy WEE CLEANER locally?
Currently, WEE CLEANER is only available online. We are working on making it available in stores in the future.


How does WEE CLEANER work?

WEE CLEANER works by neutralizing urine through oxidation. WEE CLEANER does not work by covering up or diluting the urine. It is not a perfume or an "enzymatic" cleaner.

WEE CLEANER works by saturation. WEE CLEANER must come in contact with the urine so that the urine can be neutralized. When your pet urinates, it soaks down into the layers of your carpet, mattress and even down into the layers of hard surfaces like concrete and grout. Saturating the area ensures that WEE CLEANER also goes down into these layers to oxidize the urine.

Can WEE CLEANER be used to remove human urine odors?
Yes. We know there are situations due to illness, disability or children's accidents where clothing and mattresses need to be treated. WEE CLEANER can help in these cases.
Does WEE CLEANER work on old odors?
Yes. WEE CLEANER works on fresh or old accidents, even accidents that are years old. With WEE CLEANER, it's never too late to treat.
Can I use WEE CLEANER even if I've already treated the area with another product?
Yes, WEE CLEANER will work on stains that have been treated with other products, including enzyme cleaners. If you've used bleach on the area, just be sure the area has been rinsed with water before applying WEE CLEANER.
What is WEE CLEANER's shelf life?
WEE CLEANER's shelf life is 2-3 years if stored in a cool, dark place.


Does WEE CLEANER get down to the carpet pad?
Yes. WEE CLEANER is applied by saturating the treatment area so that it will soak down into the carpet pad and subfloor. WEE CLEANER will not damage the carpet pad in any way.
What if I can smell the urine, but I'm not sure where the actual stain is?
Usually your nose is the best detective, but if you still can't locate all the stains, you might consider purchasing a blacklight. Blacklights can illuminate hidden urine stains and are fairly inexpensive. You can find them online, in discount stores, and in select pet stores.
Can I use WEE CLEANER on my furniture or mattress?
Yes, WEE CLEANER works very well for sofas, chairs and mattresses. As with any cleaner, just be sure to do a spot check for colorfastness on a hidden area.
Will WEE CLEANER work on concrete, linoleum or tile?
Yes, our product will work on these surfaces, although they can sometimes be a little tougher to treat than carpet or fabric. Concrete, linoleum and tile typically require at least 3 treatments with several days of drying time after treatment.
Can WEE CLEANER be used on wood subfloors or hardwood floors?

Yes, WEE CLEANER will work on wood as long as you can completely saturate the wood. Plywood subfloors or wood decks are surfaces that can be treated by saturation.

WEE CLEANER will work on hardwood flooring, but you will need to consider the risk associated with treatment. Saturating hardwood flooring with any liquid can cause warping. We recommend that you apply WEE CLEANER with a mop, spray bottle or chemical sprayer in order to minimize the risk of oversaturation.

Can WEE CLEANER be used on clothing and linens? Can I use it in a washing machine?
Yes, WEE CLEANER can be used for spot treating clothing and linens. WEE CLEANER can also safely be used in a washing machine to soak clothing, linens and small rugs.
Is WEE CLEANER safe for leather?
WEE CLEANER can be safely used on some leathers, but please be aware that it can cause damage. A spot check on a hidden area is an absolute necessity before treatment.
Can I use WEE CLEANER outdoors, for example in dirt or in dog runs?
Yes, WEE CLEANER can be used to treat dirt, brick, wood decks, concrete, sand, gravel, grass and areas with groundcover-type plants, but we don't recommend using WEE CLEANER directly on shrubs or potted plants.
Can WEE CLEANER be used in steam cleaning machines?
Yes, WEE CLEANER can be used in a steam cleaning machine. You simply substitute WEE CLEANER for the water and carpet shampoo. Then, use the machine to apply WEE CLEANER to the carpet, allowing the solution to air dry on the carpet.


Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii? What about outside the United States?
Currently we only ship to the 48 contiguous United States. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers.
Do you offer expedited shipping?
We do not currently offer expedited shipping due to the high cost of rush service. Our products are heavy, and the cost for expedited shipping tends to cost more than the product itself.


How do I get coupons for WEE CLEANER?
The best way to get the latest coupons is to join our email list or become a fan on Facebook.
I entered a valid coupon code, but when I checked out, the discount wasn't applied.
We apologize if the coupon code didn't go through during checkout. If this happens, please email us at so that we can adjust your order.


Does WEE CLEANER contain hazardous chemicals or produce fumes?

No. We are committed to providing pet owners with a powerful, non-toxic solution to urine odor removal. WEE CLEANER is non-toxic, fragrance-free, dye-free, phosphate-free, and enzyme-free. It is biodegradable and produces no fumes.

Because of these qualities, WEE CLEANER is a perfect choice for our chemically-sensitive customers.

Is WEE CLEANER safe for my pets to be around during treatment?
Absolutely. WEE CLEANER is odorless and produces no fumes. It is perfectly safe for your pet(s) to be in the area you are treating, although we do recommend keeping them off wet areas until dry.
Do you test on animals?
Never. WEE CLEANER is committed to cruelty-free products. WEE CLEANER has never and will never test on animals.