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Wee Cleaner - 32-oz Bottle

$ 14.99

Our 32-ounce bottle is best for:

  • small treatment areas
  • one-time accidents


Carpet and General Directions
For fresh stains, first blot any excess urine with paper towels.  Completely saturate the affected area with solution.  Allow the area to air dry.  Repeat as necessary.  Allow 24 hours between treatments.

If cleaner does not eliminate odor after 3 treatments, allow for an extended drying time of 10-14 days.

Old or severe stains may require several treatments.

Mattresses and Furniture
Completely saturate the affected area, making sure that the solution soaks down into the mattress/cushion.  Allow to air dry.

Hard Surfaces (concrete, tile, linoleum, etc.)
Completely cover the surface of the affected area.  Allow to air dry.

Clothing, Linen, Shoes, Stuffed Animals
Spot treat or soak in a tub.  For soaking, pour 2 - 4 cups of solution into machine or tub.  Add enough cold or warm water to completely cover the items.  Agitate slightly.  Allow to soak for at least 24 hours or up to several days.

NOT FOR USE ON Silk, non-colorfast surfaces.  Avoid prolonged contact with metal and leather surfaces.

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